Do you know the t-shirt is a regular part of every man’s closet?The factors such as versatility and affordability make sure that they fit any occasion.

But here, the question is how to style a plain t-shirt to step the best foot forward.

The mix and match quality of t-shirts makes it easy to style it with anything, starting from hoodies to winter long coats.

But still, there are a few basic and simple rules which you need to follow to look fabulous in plain t-shirts.

To answer the question “how to style a plain t-shirt”, let’s first discuss the colors.

It is always an excellent option to start with the primary colors such as navy, white, gray and black. 

The reason here is that it is easy to pair it with anything, starting from jackets to blazers or collared shirts.

Once you figure out how to style a plain t-shirtyou are good to go and can start playing with t-shirts with patterns, prints and detailing.

It is a reality that you can wear a t-shirt and look fantastic. 

What you need to know is the secret and a few undiscovered tips on how to style a plain t-shirt.

Well, t-shirts may look like a simple garment at first sight, but you have to agree that there are infinite ways in which you can style them and look attractive.

  • So, what are these ways?  
  • How to style a plain t-shirt and look attractive?
  • What are the undiscovered styling tips for plain t-shirts?

Let’s explore!


    Do you know what your body type is?

    On the way to finding the answer to how to style a plain t-shirt, it is crucial to be aware of the type of body you have.

    Generally, there are five types of body structure. The list includes

    • Rectangular
    • Triangular
    • Trapezoid
    • Oval
    • And the inverted triangle.

    Once you know the body type, you can make a bright and attractive choice.

    T-shirts can do a phenomenal job of making your body look good even without having a muscular body.

    When you choose a plain t-shirt as per your body type, you are all set to mix and match and style it with hoodies, leather jackets, and collared shirts.


    This winter, there is no time to compromise with your looks. You have to make choices and look your best.

    While figuring out how to style a plain t-shirt, you have to choose between a V-neck and crew neck t-shirt.

    A few parameters are to be considered before reaching the point of decision.

    Generally, the V-neck t-shirt is the best choice for fit men.

    V-neck t-shirts help create an illusion and balance height, a short neck or a narrow face.

    Now men with thinner faces should choose crew neck t-shirts. This type of t-shirt doesn’t expose your neck as much as the V-neck t-shirt does.

    If we discuss how to style a plain t-shirt, V-neck, which is not so deep, goes well with a leather jacket and dark pants. In comparison, the crew neck looks fabulous with long and short coats.

    Here is a pro styling tip: try not to plan t-shirts with pockets. 

    It reduces the chances of mixing and matching it with other clothes.


    When we say how to style a plain t-shirt, the challenge of choosing the right color appears in the game.

    You have to agree that all the colors don’t suit an individual. 

    So, there is a need to apply a filter and narrow down the list so that the colors that suit you the most come to hand.

    While narrowing down the options, there are a few colors that you will find familiar in every list:

    • Gray is the color that matches easily with most of the clothing combinations.

    This color gives you the freedom to adapt to brighter and lighter colors.

    • The plain white t-shirt is the foundation stone for any men’s wardrobe.

    But be sure to keep it safe from any deep strain.

    • If you are looking for something which could look great on the day, navy blue is the answer.

    This color looks great with dark jeans.

    • It is not wrong to state that black is the most versatile color. One can wear black at a wedding under a blazer or while going to college or school under hoodies or colored shirts.

    So, while styling a plain t-shirt, always consider a few color options to increase opportunities.


    When it comes to styling, using t-shirts, hoodies, and leather jackets is vital.

    When you have plain t-shirts in your wardrobe, it gives you the freedom to combine them with hoodies and leather jackets and make your style.

    So, what’s the styling tip here?

    • Wearing a t-shirt under the hoodies looks fantastic. But here, it will be better to use a light-colored t-shirt; otherwise, the attention of the hoodies will be diverted.
    • When it comes to the leather jacket, wearing a solid and dark color gives you a manlier look.
    • If you want to go with the biker looks, wear long boots with a t-shirt under a leather jacket.

    So, in one way, t-shirts complete the looks by adding a wow element to them. So when you think of how to style a plain t-shirt, consider wearing it with hoodies and leather jackets. 


    While figuring out how to style a plain t-shirt, it is crucial to pay extra attention to the fabric of the cloth.

    It is not wrong to say that the fabric is the key element that determines the quality of the t-shirt.

    So, if you want to look the best, you need to choose the fabric wisely.

    Well, are you wondering how to be aware of the fabric of the t-shirt?

    It is pretty straightforward. You generally look at the label to look for the price, right?

    Now beneath this, there is generally the fabric of the cloth mentioned.

    Usually, the t-shirts you come across are either 100% cotton or cotton-poly blend. 

    But still, you may come across a few other fabrics such as:

    • Bamboo
    • Merino
    • Jersey
    • Pima
    • Linen blends
    • Stretch fabrics

    Regardless of the fabric you choose, always remember not to get a t-shirt that is super thin or lightweight.

    If you are not wearing a t-shirt for physical activity, it is suggested to go with synthetic fabrics because here you get many color options


    You will agree when we say denim can change your complete look and make you more attractive.

    This also includes the denim shirts which you wear.

    This indicates that jeans make you look better by complementing the attire you are wearing.

    So while searching for how to style a plain t-shirt, there are a few options related to the jeans you should consider. 

    Start with the dark blue jeans. The reason behind choosing this color is its versatility. 

    The hidden benefit of this is that it goes well on every occasion.

    Here comes a pro tip. If you wear the same jeans more often, go with a vintage wash, stone wash or acid wash. This helps to prevent the jeans from looking too old or faded.

    Another tip here is to make sure that the jeans are reasonably fit. Wearing too tight or too loose jeans is like compromising with your complete look. 


    Let us understand it in this way:

    It is not a good idea to tuck in the t-shirt.

    But if you are layering it with something like a jacket or a casual button-down, tuck in your t-shirt to look the best.

    This is the best lesson related to t-shirts. T-shirts, especially plain ones, look fabulous if you know how to wear them. 

    A person with well-fitted and carefully paired jeans looks best in the room during a casual event.


    While on the way to figuring out how to style a plain t-shirt, it is essential to pay attention to minor and minute details.

    Always start with knowing your body type. Once you know your body type, choose the t-shirt that fits you the best.

    The next step is to choose between a V-neck and a crew neck t-shirt. Don’t go with a deep V-neck t-shirt. 

    There are specific colors you need to have in your closet for sure. This list includes grey, black, white and navy blue.

    When you have chosen the correct t-shirt, it is time to pair it with a leather jacket, hoodies or long coats to deal with winters attractively.

    These simple, essential points will help define your style and make you look more attractive. 

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